Gym Master includes full information on your members as well as a complete accounting record of their transactions.


Gym software that offers 24/7 secure access for members, without adding to your staffing costs.


Allowing your unique needs within gym membership software to be met, not compromised.


Gym Master’s booking chart is easy to use, allowing members to be booked in for classes, pools, saunas and personal trainer sessions. The online booking system gives clients the ability to book in and pay online – anywhere, any time.


Packed with tools to remind, automate contact, and provide comprehensive reports to save you time and keep your members.


Our gym software offers a range of billing options – let Gym Master take the headache out of your finances.


Simplify your sales and inventory management with our colourful Point of Sale system.

Complete Gym Software – made easy

Gym Master is gym software designed with all corners of the recreation industry in mind including gyms, health clubs, recreation centres, swimming pools, fitness clubs, wellness centres, community centres, and any membership based organisation. Whether you’re an independent club or managing members across a multi-site franchise, Gym Master will help you in the daily management and growth of your business.

“This is a really high value that you are offering here – and it feels great to have your very kind and helpful support!”

— Paul-Ludger Schmitz, Insel Brüeggen, Germany

Why Community Matters

Retention is a core goal of most businesses including the health and fitness industry. Yet the main focus in many industries is on simply acquiring new clients, often overlooking the value of their existing customer base.

What’s Your Point of Difference?

The Health and Fitness Industry seems to become a more and more crowded place every year. With increased competition in the market knowing your key point of difference becomes even more vital. At its essence your point of difference defines not only what your offering is, but who you offer it to and how you present it.

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