Gym Software for Your Business

An intuitive solution that adapts to your business

Our core business values are to provide users with an intuitive state of the art solution that will adapt to meet your growing business needs. With this in mind, we continually re-invest in Gym Master, providing club owners with regular releases of new features, free of charge, using the latest development technologies and methodologies.

We have designed Gym Master from the ground up, with health clubs and gyms in mind. Whether your membership base is a few hundred, or up to thousands, our gym software focuses on both increasing the efficiency of your daily member management operations, as well as providing the tools to promote your businesses success and growth in the long term.

Our premium gym software management system performs all of the functions that you would expect from health club management software, including storing and collating members’ details, logging access, point of sale and accounting.
Gym Master also comes with a host of finely tuned and thoroughly field-tested extended features.

We continually work with our clients to ensure that Gym Master provides them with exactly what they want to improve the manageability of their organisation.

Why Clubs are Choosing Gym Master

  • Gym Master saves administration time
  • Is easy and intuitive to use
  • Has proven reliability
  • Comes with excellent support
  • Reduces overheads
  • Is franchise and multi-site capable
  • Improves communication with members
  • Controls who has access to your centre
  • Takes the effort out of finances and debt-collection

Treshna Enterprises – The Developers behind Gym Master

Treshna Enterprises are the software developers behind Gym Master. Initially created as a bespoke development solution for the YMCA organisation, it’s success and continued interest from the fitness industry reflected the need for high performing gym software. It’s presence within the New Zealand market has been established and Gym Master can now be found managing gym memberships worldwide. Treshna developed the product into a mainstream off-the-shelf solution. Since launching Gym Master in 2007 to the international market, sales have gone from strength to strength.


Interested? Download GymMaster-Lite now for a free trial. If you have any questions or would like to purchase the full version of Gym Master - contact us today.

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