Looking Deeper

Running a business can be both the best and most challenging endeavour many people will ever know. To be successful requires a wide range of skills and knowledge.

Membership Cycle and Retention – Part 2

Previously we covered the standard events in a normal membership cycle and some general suggestions on how and when to contact them. In part two we’ll cover some additional times that specifically relate to Non-Visitation.

Membership Cycle and Retention – Part 1

Signing up a new member can be a great feeling. Apart from the obvious financial importance someone has decided to utilize your facility to help improve themselves, to achieve their goals whether they are looking to lose a few pounds, get fit or add some muscle. They join up happy and excited, ready to make a positive change but all too often the fire burns out and they stop coming. From there it’s pretty much inevitable whether it be weeks or months that they will cancel.

What do you need to know for 24/7

24/7 access has become a prominent offering in many facilities with both the rise of budget all access gyms and more traditional gyms converting to 24/7 to prevent member attrition. Going 24/7 can provide a wide range of additional benefits to a site but there are also additional items to consider.

Why Community Matters

Retention is a core goal of most businesses including the health and fitness industry. Yet the main focus in many industries is on simply acquiring new clients, often overlooking the value of their existing customer base.

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