Why Community Matters

Retention is a core goal of most businesses including the health and fitness industry. Yet the main focus in many industries is on simply acquiring new clients, often overlooking the value of their existing customer base.

What’s Your Point of Difference?

The Health and Fitness Industry seems to become a more and more crowded place every year. With increased competition in the market knowing your key point of difference becomes even more vital. At its essence your point of difference defines not only what your offering is, but who you offer it to and how you present it.

Is Door Access Control Just for 24/7 Gyms?

Is door access control the right choice for your health club? For any operation this question comes down to a number of factors. What you’re aiming to achieve and whether the cost of implementation is outweighed by the benefits derived.

Are my health club members getting older?

There has been some fear in the industry about the age of members getting older, and being less engaged with younger members. The age of the members joining is getting younger over the last 5 years. But that isn’t the full story.

Top 10 tips on improving your health club’s cash flow

Cash flow is important in your gym, without it your business stops. Putting in some simple systems to maintain good cash flow is imperative.

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