GymMaster Blog for August, 2019

Four easy gym marketing ideas for maintaining engagement over holidays

Monday, August 12th, 2019

Gyms have always had a love-hate relationship with public holidays – while they can be a distraction for current members from their workout routines, they can also be a strong motivator or even a trigger motivating new members to sign up. Some members struggle to keep on track with their workout routine over the holidays. Distractions are everywhere, family are home from work or if they’re one of the lucky ones going away on vacation they might struggle to find the time to get their workout in.

It goes without saying that many clubs see a lull in visitation as

Benefits & steps to becoming an eco friendly gym

Monday, August 5th, 2019

In recent years environmentalism (otherwise known as being ‘green’) has become a rapidly growing area of interest for both customers and businesses across a broad range of industries – from hospitality to transportation and everything in between. This is largely due to the increased awareness and guilt consumers are experiencing when they hear about the impact their actions are having on their surrounding environment. You can do your part in becoming a green fitness club or ‘eco gym’ – these are clubs which take into consideration the environmental impact of all aspects of running their gym – from the soaps …