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What’s New on GymMaster


Staff Access Rights

GymMaster’s newest update gives you improved control over what your staff have access to.

You can change and set up their roles with ease, allowing different levels of access and editing control over member information, scheduling, settings and more. You can even edit access rights over multiple sites or companies.

The interface is highly intuitive, with in-depth descriptions and recommendations to ensure you know exactly who can see and change what within GymMaster.


GymMaster Online

GymMaster’s new web version offers an easy way for staff and other users to access GymMaster from any internet capable device including mobile phones and tablets. With no need for installation, it’s easy to move from one device to another and maintain access to your data when on the move. This can be combined with cloud hosting to provide reliable up-time and a fastest connection.

Class View

Display your class schedule on your website in real time, making it easy for members to see what’s coming up without the need to sign in.

GymMaster Tailgating


The GymMaster Tailgating solution is designed to streamline and improve the detection of tailgating. The system uses one camera to monitor movement and compare to the visitor log. If suspicious activity is detected, a second camera takes a photo and logs it in the database for you to review later. This automates what has previously been a manual process, greatly reducing the admin time involved.

GymMaster 247

24/7 Access

Take control over your facility while reducing overhead costs with GymMaster Access Control. Whether you want to go 24/7 or you simply want better control over access to your facility, GymMaster’s access control system lets you create the solution that’s best for you.