Online Booking

GymMaster Booking and Scheduling

Online Booking

Give your members the flexibility to make online bookings for classes and PT sessions – wherever, whenever

Booking Software That Adapts To Your Gym

Scheduling Management

Never worry about double bookings again. Simplify your schedule with all trainers, classes, PT sessions, pools & boot camps in one beautiful, color-coded screen

Online Booking for Members

Having the freedom to book classes from any device means your members are more engaged with their health, and your business

Online Booking for Staff

With your members booking online, your staff can focus more on training instead of admin. Although your trainers will love the ability to book in your members from any device, helping members commit to their fitness goals

Booking made Simple

GymMaster’s scheduling system is highly customizable to make easy work of bookings for clubs, gyms and studios of all different sizes. Whether you have several trainers or a range of different facility types, it’s simple to set up different classes, activities, one-on-one sessions, meetings or events are simply set up to work for the way your business works.
The types of facilities you offer can be customized independently per site – from squash courts, pools, spin class rooms to rock climbing walls.
Within the types of facility, it’s simple to set up different types of sessions either on a one-off or recurring basis.

Online Member Portal

Your members want the freedom to be impulsive with their decisions. Being able to book a spot in a class or a session online is fast becoming an expectation; not a novelty. Let your members can make and cancel class and session bookings, make payments, renew their memberships and view their measurements, progress & programs through the member portal on your website.
They can see if a class is full and if so, add themselves to the waiting list. GymMaster helps minimize no-shows with a calendar attachment automatically emailed adding the booking to your member’s Google or iCal calendar.
It’s all yours! With your own branding, the booking module is your own. It’s embedded into your website, so your members don’t need to download yet another app – they can access it from any browser, on any device, at any time that’s convenient to them.

Maximize Profit

  • Maximize profitability and engagement by tracking attendance levels for different classes, allowing you to adjust and find the right mix of classes and instructors
  • Collect payments upfront so that no-shows don’t affect the bottom line
  • Offer flexible membership structures to increase use of your services – If you include 2 free PT sessions for Gold members, the system manages it with ease. And once they’ve use up all their free sessions, GymMaster knows to when to start charging them.

Increase retention by making it easy to book online.

  • Sell PT bookings online, where members can pay or add to their regular billing cycle
  • Let members book classes and sessions online, updating to your schedule automatically
  • Your schedule updates to your website instantly, so you don’t have to get your web designer to update your schedule on your website every month.
  • Avoid awkward overbooking by setting a limit of how many people can attend sessions, and specify time-frames that they can book within.
  • Should there be a change to original plans, let those affected know by automatically sending them an SMS.

Manage Trainers

Simplify the management of individual trainer schedules by allowing bookings to occur in a number of ways:

  • Members can book online themselves through the member portal
  • Members can book with your desk staff
  • Your trainers can book members in for their next session. This can be done on any device, anywhere – on the gym floor or in the park after an early morning bootcamp session

Trainers can download their weekly timetable to their personal iCal or Google calendar for added convenience. Measure your trainer’s performance with GymMaster reports, detailing member attendance patterns and commissions for your staff.  

Intelligent Check-Ins

Members are instantly checked into the class (with appropriate fees charged) as they swipe their RFID tag upon entering your facility. It will automatically reduce concession visits too, completely removing the need for double entry.

Automatic Reminders

Send members who are about to expire or use their last concession an automatic SMS reminder to renew their membership.

Smart User Access

Confidently allow your staff access to GymMaster on their mobile devices to manage their own bookings by specifying user access rights.

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