Point of Sale


Point of Sale

Boost your bottom line with smart POS & tracking system that works on any device

GymMaster Point of Sale

As a business owner, you know that every dollar counts. Having a few items on hand to sell to your members can save them a headache if they forget their headphones or water bottle – as well as make you a few extra dollars. That’s where a point of sale system that you can rely on comes in.

From hiring gear to selling merchandise, GymMaster’s Point of Sale capabilities help you reach your profit goals.


“You can’t beat the customer support. They are quick and always take care of any questions I have. With the integrated texting and e-mails to the customers, communication is quick.”
“The software makes the gym run smooth and efficient with better control of the gym

— Ken, Total Fitness, USA


Out And About

Whether onsite or in the park running a boot camp session, you can make sales and collect payments from your members on the go. With GymMaster Online, you and your trainers can use any internet capable device with a browser to charge members for gear hire or casual sessions using a range of payment types.


Flexible Payment Options

Your members are all different; and so are you. Whether they prefer to pay cash up front or have the charge added to their monthly billing cycle, it’s easy to cater to your members’ preferences – and your own.

Some common payment types:

  • Credit Card
    Choose to bill your member’s credit card tonight or on their usual billing cycle when their credit card information is saved (and encrypted) securely within GymMaster.
  • Put it on their tab
    Add the charge to your members’ account for the payment to be added to their usual billing cycle whether it’s ACH, Direct Debit or Credit Card.
  • Cash and card payments
    GymMaster works with a wide range of card processing hardware and cash tills.

Keep On Top Of Inventory

Tracking your inventory is an important part of your business. GymMaster’s stocktake and sales reports help to detect errors and identify problem areas before they create larger issues.

Know Your Performance

Managing your products is easy, reducing administrative headaches through effective organization and quality reporting.

Easily access reports to reconcile at the end of the day, month or financial period. Keep your finger on the pulse of your business with sales reporting, inventory reporting and staff activity reporting.

GymMaster’s reports can be exported into formats recognized with most software suites such as Microsoft Office and OpenOffice, as well as some top accounting software products.

Customize Your Screen

Add a little color to your system with customizable categories and button colors.

Team Up With Hardware

The design of GymMaster’s point of sale module makes it easy to use with a range of hardware from your computer to your touch screen tablets and phones.

You can easily connect a cash drawer, barcode scanner or a receipt printer. Talk to us about specifications of compatible hardware today.