How to Manage Throughout The Quiet Season

May 26th, 2017

Last week we looked at when people sign up and cancel their gym memberships. This week we’re taking an in depth look at when the most popular time is for members to visit your health club, and what you can do during the slow periods, or quiet season, to help you manage the often seasonal nature of the fitness industry.

You’ve put endless hours, money and resources into crafting your facility to provide exactly the type of service you want to your community of members. That’s why you’re reading this blog, right? Because you’re always striving to be the best …

When Do Members Sign Up To Your Gym?

May 26th, 2017

When it comes to being a gym owner, knowledge is power. Knowing when your revenue will be up – when members sign up – and when it will be down, is key to your business’ success. So we’ve done some research from our database which can help you plan your year.

Facing the challenge of seasonal fluctuations can be a stressful period for business owners in the fitness industry. The key is to manage your resources from the increases in demand, to ensure survival throughout periods of decreased demand.

You know that there are an abundance of influences on consumer …

Gym Member Retention Strategy: Onboarding New Members

April 11th, 2017

Congratulations! You’re getting new members signing up to your gym. This article is all about the next step: The onboarding process.

Designing a good onboarding strategy will both maximize your member retention and enhance your member experience.

The first four weeks are the most important in the membership lifecycle, and you should be making contact frequently within that period. What you do immediately once your member has signed up to your gym is crucial, and will play a major role in their decision to renew their membership with you down the track.

What does your member onboarding process look like

GymMaster’s Accounting Release

March 7th, 2017

The latest software update from GymMaster brings a range of improvements to save you time and visualize where your business is standing, reinforcing our position as the most easy to use membership management software in the fitness industry.

We’re making accounting more simple, reducing the amount of time it take to set up new members, and adding more colorful graphs to help you visualize your business.

1) Your dashboard now has more graphs of interest

2) You’ll notice that payments for a membership will now go through the point of sale interface, instead of through the member accounts screen.

3) …

GymMaster: The Leading MindBody Alternative

February 8th, 2017

Looking for Mindbody competitors? GymMaster is a MindBody alternative that’s easy to use and loved by our clients.

The most important thing you can do for your fitness business is to invest in a tool that makes everyday operational tasks easier for you and your members. Your choice of software provider will have a significant impact on your business.

  1. Make a list of what’s important to you and your business. Remember that there is a lot of hype out there, so make sure that you’re clear about your needs.
  2. Read the reviews of the software you’re considering, as well as

5 Simple Strategies to Boost New Year’s Resolution Member Retention

January 10th, 2017

Along with the new year comes the annual rush of motivated individuals hoping to make good on their promises to themselves to improve their fitness and health – in fact Nielson reports that 32% of people regard weight loss as the primary New Year’s resolution.

As the months go on, the crowd starts to wear thin and the idea of fulfilling this resolution becomes somewhat of an embarrassed laugh among friends and strangers alike. This loss of motivation and engagement leads to non-visitation, non-renewals and even cancellations, directly affecting your bottom line.

Member retention is extra important with your new …