GymMaster Staff App

In the wake of the recent release of our Member App, one of the most common questions we get from our wonderful clients is whether we have a GymMaster staff app. I’ll let you in on a little secret – GymMaster itself is totally mobile friendly!

Because GymMaster is a web app that has been completely designed to work on any device of any size, you and your trainers can use GymMaster to manage your members, visits, schedules and more – from anywhere! Here is a bit more information on what’s possible with GymMaster as a mobile solution.

What are the Differences Between an App and a Website?

An app is designed to be an easy to use, simplified version of a tool, however they usually don’t do everything that the system can.

GymMaster’s website is totally mobile responsive, which means that it looks and feels good to use on any device – and you don’t lose any of the features that makes GymMaster the #1 gym management software for gym owners.

Save GymMaster to your Home Screen

You can create shortcuts to the GymMaster website and save them to your Home screen, just like an app. Check out the instructions for iOS and Android below.

Because each of your staff have their own unique logins, everyone’s user rights are already automatically set up, which means they can each set it up on their own device.

The Future is Mobile

With the world becoming more mobile and reliant on flexibility, we’re committed to staying on top of the ball. You don’t need to buy a computer to be able to use GymMaster – even if you want to have your doors open 24/7. You can work from home or the beach with ease; and you can sign up new members or prospects from anywhere.

Save GymMaster to your phone’s home page and try it out for yourself. You and your trainers will soon start to enjoy the freedom of location independence.

iPhone Instructions
  1. Open up Safari, and go to the GymMaster Login page on your phone.
  2. From the menu along the bottom, select the Share Button (in the middle).
  3. ios share button

  4. From the menu that pops up, press Add to Home Screen.
  5. add page to home screen ios

  6. You can shorten the name to GymMaster if you’d like, then press Add. Simple!
  7. add page to home screen ios

  8. Now you have the GymMaster staff app on your home screen!
  9. add page to home screen ios

Android Instructions
  1. Open Chrome and go to the page
  2. From the Menu, choose Add to Home Screen.
  3. add page to home screen android

  4. Here you can change the name of the app that will appear below the icon on your home screen.

    add page to home screen android

  5. You will now be able to quickly access the GymMaster web page from your home screen.
  6. add page to home screen android